Winter Holidays in Saint Lucia πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨5 Healthful Reasons to Go

You will fall in love with Saint Lucia as you escape the winter and find yourself in this tropical paradise.

  1. Supercharge your vitamin D level: perfectly sunny 😎 with a high of 85F during the day and a low of 75F during the night.
  2. Get inspired: breathtaking natural beauty, turquoise water, miles of black and white sand beaches 🏝 tropical forests 🌳 and mountains πŸ”Β 
  3. Do fun things: hike, swim, dive, sail πŸ›₯ snorkel, or just relax: sunbathe and watch the sea waves 🌊 
  4. Make friends: super friendly ✌️ and laid-back people that want to help and get to know you.
  5. Enjoy a short flight time: only 3 hours 45 minutes flight ✈️ from Atlanta. 
  6. Bonus reason: beach shamans πŸͺ„occasionally stroll on the beach and share their wisdom on living a good πŸ‘ life.

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