Simple Valentine’s Day Itinerary

Skip the crowds of fellow Valentiners in the restaurants or movie theaters. Even opera or concerts feel so impersonal if you are out and about with your honey. Large volumes of people result in too much hustle and a poor service that gives a commercialized, mass produced feel, even in the best of places… And that’s the last thing you want on the day celebrating love!  (This is why many celeberty couples enjoy Valentine’s from the comfort of their homes.)  And you too, can make it intimate, custom-made, high quality time for yourself and your partner.

1. Breakfast. Go out for breakfast. If you want to eat out on Valentine’s Day, breakfast is your best bet because it’s going to be less crowded and therefore will have a more leisurely, relaxed feel about it.

2. Exercise. Hike or go for a long walk in the park. Exercise is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Exercise in nature is also distressing. Pick a trail that is scenic or comes to a beautiful overlook.

3. Relax. When you get back, take a shower or relaxing bath. Even though you will be spending the evening at home, look good and dress up nicely for yourself and your partner.

4. Cook. Staying home and making dinner with your partner is a lot of fun. One of the best ways to reconnect is making a meal together. Pick foods that are light and easy to digest, such as pasta, shrimp, salmon, and rice.

5. Movies. There is no place like a couch surrounded by candles and a romantic movie while you cuddle up & continue with another glass of wine…

When most of us live busy, stressful lives, there is no reason to make Valentine’s Day a stressful and bustling event as well. By having control of your itinerary for Valentine’s Day it’s assured that you will bring the best in yourself and your loved one and get to enjoy it too.


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